Landlord FAQs

Why should I hire a property manager?
A property manager can help make owning an investment property more enjoyable. Many of our clients have hired us because they have needed help, are having problems handling repairs promptly when they are needed, advertising vacancies, qualifying and finding good tenants, preparing lease or rental agreements, staying compliant with landlord tenant law, collecting rent payments, paying bills, maintaining records, and/or they are wanting someone whose job it is to advocate and protect their investment. We can help with all of these issues!

Where is my property advertised?
We advertise your property on, and our company website ( We will have a sign and flyer box posted at the home, as well as having flyers available in the lobby of our office, and delivered to all of our agents at Don Nunamaker, Realtors.

What type of rental properties do you manage?
We manage both commercial and residential property. We do not manage vacation rentals. We are willing to accommodate owners who would prefer tenants on a month to month tenancy and/or lease.

What areas do you service?
Our Office is located in Hood River, OR. We manage properties located in OR & WA. In Oregon we service: Hood River, Odell, Mt. Hood/ Parkdale, Cascade Locks, Mosier, Rowena and The Dalles. In Washington we service: White Salmon, Bingen, and Underwood.

Can you pay my monthly bills for me?
Yes, we can pay your mortgage, utilities, insurance, or other bills associated with the property. However, there must be sufficient cash flow from the property to cover the expenses. We would require you to maintain an adequate reserve with us to accommodate the bills you request us to pay.

How do I know I am getting a good reliable tenant?
We cannot guarantee the quality of the tenant. However, we do screen all of our potential tenants thoroughly. We run a background and credit check, verify income and employment, and verify previous rental references.

Do you inspect the property?
We will do an interior inspection at least once per year. We will send you an inspection report which will include pictures taken during our inspection. In addition to the inspection, we often drive by to inspect the general condition of the exterior. Also, when we are called to the home for maintenance issues we will take note the condition of the property.

Can I attend the inspection?
Yes, upon signing a management contract with us you would also be asked to complete a property spec form – On the spec form, just select the option to attend the inspections and we will notify you when an upcoming inspection is scheduled.

Should I allow pets?
Allowing pets is entirely up to the owner and the owner’s comfort level. Typically when an owner allows pets, the rental pool and rental rate tends to be higher. To mitigate the risk of a pet we do require a pet interview (we will meet the pet), require additional security deposit, and we will do an interior inspection within one month of move-in. As the owner of the property, you also have the right to set limitations to the type/number of pets permitted. For example no cats, only dogs up to 30 pounds.

Will you notify me of repairs?
We allow our owners to choose how involved they would like to be when it comes to caring for the property. When you initially sign up with Nunamaker Property Management you will be asked to set a spending limit for repairs. For any repair above that limit we would contact you for permission. When you receive your monthly statement, along with your monthly disbursement, you would also receive copies of the invoices for any repairs that were done that month.

Can I meet the tenants?
Yes. If we place tenants in your home and you would like to meet them, let us know and we will try and coordinate a meeting. Please do NOT take it upon yourself to drop by and introduce yourself. We do not allow meeting the tenants to be one of requirements before signing a lease. Due to fair housing laws we will not allow a personal interview with the owner to be one of the hurdles the tenant must pass.

How much will my property rent for?
We would be glad to assist you in answering this question. When figuring out how much your property will rent for there are many factors that contribute to arriving at a number, such as: supply and demand, time of year, cleanliness, amenities, lease terms, whether pets are allowed, year built, neighborhood, size of home.

When do you send my check?
We mail owner disbursements on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday, they will be mailed the next business day.

What if my tenant pays late, when will I receive my check?
We will notify you on 10th or the next business day that your tenant has not paid their rent or that their rent check was late. As with any rent check we must wait for the check to completely clear. We will issue the check after 10 days of receipt.

What if my tenant stops paying rent?
Rent is due on 1st, and late after the 5th. On the 8th day (earliest we are legally able to issue this notice) we will mail a 72-Hour notice of termination for nonpayment of rent. We will do everything possible to try and obtain communication from the tenant about non-payment. By mailing this notice the effective date is extended 4 days, if requested by the landlord we can post on the door and mail, making the effective day that day. Each tenant will have a different situation therefore resulting in different outcomes and consequences.

Why does it take so long to receive funds?
Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th. It takes 10 days for a check to completely clear the bank. Therefore, the earliest we can release funds and be confident that there are sufficient funds in our account is the 15th.